What we do

With experiences human resources and multidisciplinary approach, we want to provide an insight to analyze the political dynamics in Indonesia.

Government Relation

We are here to face every policy and regulatory challenge with a reputable team at your back, by developing strategies to align client business objective and government policy goals

Regulatory Monitoring

We provide you with detailed information and analysis of newly adopted and proposed legislation that could impact your business, directly or indirectly.


Our work is centered on helping client to conduct an engagement and influence the key stakeholders in government

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

To enhance client understanding of the stakeholders with mapping method for making agreement related to company goals

Political Analysis

Assistance for officials, both executive and legislative in formulating policies. As a solution to problem and legacy that is good for the future, so that the leadership provides benefits and will become an achievement

Political Campaign

Assistance of candidates who are taking part in political competitions or elections, both executive and legislative. We will provide our client with programs that will help increase the electability and acceptance by constituents

Public Policy Think Tank

Our expert analyst will help our clients to analyze the macroeconomic and the political trends that will affect the market and business environment

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