poligov consulting
Poligov is a strategic consulting company for government affairs. We are here to plan and implementing our strategy to maintain and support the stakeholders. Our management services are design to provide an insight to analyze the political dynamics and governance in Indonesia. With experiences human resources and multidisciplinary approach, we want to provide an insight to analyze the political dynamics in Indonesia. We help our clients to solve the challenges in making business decision, by synergizing the government and market situation.



Andy Wijaya has five years of experience as an expert staff in the Indonesian Parliament. During this time he also drafted several draft bills that were of public concern.

Andy also understands government affairs, also advocacy. His experience in the world of organization as a student president during college and general secretary of a national youth organization provides him with the ability to negotiate, engage with government, mass organizations and the mass media


Zuhad Aji is Graduated from the Graduate School of Law at the Islamic University of Indonesia. Prior founding Poligov he was experienced as a Bawaslu Expert Staff DIY. He is also active as a Lecturer in the Law Faculty of a university in Jakarta. He’s experienced is not only in the academic world, but also in practical world, Aji is also experienced in helping local governments formulate regional regulations.

Moreover, he was also participated in a series of studies, including the role of the police in realizing religious harmony within the framework of human rights enforcement in Manado and North Sumatra. In the world of youth organizations, Aji has also held the highest position as Chairman of PB HMI for the period 2018-2020.

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